Shelley and happy client family during postpartum service

Shelley and happy client family during a postpartum visit

I am a birth doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator who has been supporting families in the perinatal period since 1995. My role as a doula and educator is to help you achieve the most positive and joyful birth and postpartum experience possible through education, empowerment, and support. I truly love the work that I do. Allow me to gently guide you through the journey into parenthood.

I provide:

Specializing in Williamson County, North and Central Austin areas.

Thanks Austin for voting me the BEST BIRTH DOULA and BEST POSTPARTUM DOULA for 2013!



“Your service and guidance were invaluable to us. Thank you for making our birth experience absolutely perfect. You are gifted at what you do.”
— Michael, dad to Nola

How does a doula really make a difference?
Results from different studies have all suggested that having a doula reduces the overall cesarean rate by 50%, Pitocin use by 40% and requests for epidurals by 60%. The use of a doula also showed a major reduction in the length of labor due to fewer stress hormones being produced in the laboring woman’s body.

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