Welcome! Let me help you begin this journey with gentle, non-judgmental support!

Shelley and happy client family during postpartum service
Shelley and happy client family during a postpartum visit

I’ve been supporting families for over 25 years. My goal as a doula and parent educator is to help you have the most positive birth and postpartum experience possible through education, empowerment, and support. I’m proud to serve families of all races, religions, colors, backgrounds, and gender with compassion and understanding. I serve Williamson County, North and Central Austin areas for in person care.

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* LOVE STRONG AFTER BABY workshops based on the Gottman’s Bringing Baby Home! If you want to improve communication, reduce conflict, and rekindle romance/passion after baby, this is it!  Both 1:1 and group workshops available! This is open to expectant and new parents with children under 5 years old.

Virtual Prenatal/Postpartum Support is available anywhere!

“Shelley was of tremendous help during the first six weeks after delivery. She is competent, knowledgeable and calm, and is able to give an amazingly valuable perspective on newborns and their care, together with some small tips that make life much better. Furthermore, she is completely non judgmental – she will support any decision or parenting style you decide on, and not push you in any one direction. She is also a great source of information on anything parenthood related – from best apps, best quality formula, hand breast pumps to sleep training methods and parenting books. Having Shelley by my side to normalize this crazy new experience of caring for a newborn was the best decision I have made.”     -Iv, mom to Nina