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World Doula Week!

In honor of World Doula Week I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to express– with over 25 experience as a birth and postpartum doula, what needed to be said that hasn’t already? What do families “need” to know? What do doulas “need” to hear? Then I listened to the Evidence Based Birth Podcast interview with Dr. Amber Warmsley (OBGYN) and had my “aha” moment… The interview doesn’t talk about doulas AT ALL. Not even 1 reference. But the interview is all about what doulas are all about, which is #1 supporting PEOPLE through pregnancy, birth and postpartum in all aspects of who they are- their body, mind and soul. And #2 that doulas encourage their clients to seek evidence based information, and make decisions that fit best with their family… which includes options that perhaps are not mainstream, like birth centers or home-births, or bed-sharing. Doulas recognize that there is no ONE answer that is right for everyone, and that “safety” is really a subjective word. If you haven’t already listened to this podcast, I highly encourage you to do so, even if you are far away from being pregnant or having babies. It will make you think! (And I’ll totally admit, I have a serious doula crush on this OB!) Happy World Doula Week to all my colleagues out there, and thank you to all the other professionals who support the work we do!
EBB 168 - Evidence-based OB-GYN care with Dr. Amber Warmsley - Evidence Based Birth®