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Do I really need to take a Childbirth Class?

It’s 2022 and you have access to Youtube, social media, and Google and Amazon.

Do you really need to take a childbirth class?

Yes! Why?

Your childbirth instructor will help you and your partner understand what the normal stages of labor look like, when you should call your doctor or midwife, and what to expect at each phase. For most expectant parents, just understanding what’s ahead greatly reduces anxiety.

Why is that important?

Anxiety and stress during labor can have many negative effects during labor. When we are tense, anxious, or stressed out, we release stress hormones (like adrenaline and cortisol) which can SLOW labor, make it longer, and will increase the need for medical interventions. Being stressed/anxious can even affect our breathing, which can decrease how much oxygen our baby gets!

So on top of learning what to expect, a good childbirth class should teach you basic relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, as well as a wide variety of other comfort measures to help you and your partner manage labor pain. You might practice things like massage, positions for labor, visualizations, or other techniques which significantly reduce your perception of pain!

Does less pain in labor sound ok?

I hope so! But regardless of where you are planning to birth your baby, and what your plans are for pain management, all expectant parents should also know what medical situations might come up unexpectedly, and how to make informed decisions about their care… for instance, induction and cesareans often catch people off guard. How do we make those decisions? What are the right questions to ask? Your childbirth instructor can help you learn to navigate those unexpected situations and help you feel more confident should a medical situation arise.

Less anxiety, less pain, more confident? All sounding good so far?

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A birthing person needs a lot of support and encouragement in labor!

What if you could learn options that might make your birth experience more positive? You can.

What if you could learn ways to reduce the risk of having a cesarean birth? You can.

What if you could learn about what happens after the baby is born, and how to cope with the first few weeks postpartum? You can.

Take a childbirth class.

Luckily, you have LOTS of options! Live virtual, online, in person, small or large groups, or even private! Pick one that fits your schedule, lifestyle and needs. I promise it will help you begin this amazing journey with more joy, awareness, and peace, and we all could use more of that.

Interested in my classes? I currently offer live virtual classes through Real Deal Birth and Parenting.