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World Doula Week 2022

Each year, the world sets aside 1 week to recognize doulas. I love how it makes me feel proud to be a doula and to feel recognized as a professional, as well as recognizing the work doulas everywhere are doing to support families!!

I supported families through birth for 25 years before deciding to “retire” from that part of doula life, and now exclusively focus on postpartum support. It’s so rewarding to see a struggling family get the “hang” of parenting– when only a few weeks ago they were on the brink of meltdown! It’s incredibly fulfilling to know you made a difference in how those early weeks of parenting began.

But it’s also hard to listen to the sadness of unexpected outcomes in birth, breastfeeding and newborn life. It’s difficult to know I can’t “fix” many things that are or will be hard.

Doulas offer an ear, a hand and a heart. We can help you tune into yourself, your baby, your intuition when everything else feels overwhelming. We can help you learn to trust yourself, your body, and your baby. We can help you learn to love all that is you, the blossoming new parent.

Did you have a doula who made a difference? Or want to find one? Here’s a local resource! Central Texas Doula Association