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About Partners and Doulas

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One of the most common concerns families have when they are considering hiring a doula is:

“Will a doula replace the role of my partner/family?”

And my emphatic answer is always “Not in any way.”

Regardless of the role the partner/family want to play during birth or postpartum, a doula will never replace the importance of the their presence. Partners and grandparents have a special relationship with the new mother/parent and know them better than any other person on the team! Partners/family can provide a hug or special loving words of encouragement that will help a mother during the challenges of birth and postpartum.

On the other hand, partners and family do not always feel comfortable with the medical aspect of birth and postpartum. They may not know what questions to ask, or how to deal with the emotions that surround birth and postpartum. They are usually not breastfeeding or baby experts. They may be exhausted and overwhelmed themselves.

As a doula, my role is to assess the needs of each family, and provide encouragement, physical support, information, and reassurance. Sometimes a doula plays the “background” role in providing gentle suggestions to the mother’s partner so that they can provide her primary support. Sometimes a doula takes on a more active role which allows the partner to just be themselves. They can relax and get to know their new baby without pressure to be the expert!

As a doula, I do not replace anyone on the team, I am an added person to your team!

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