Classes now offered virtually through Real Deal Birth and Parenting!

I have partnered with my colleague Amanda Wyszkowski to form Real Deal Birth and Parenting! Our childbirth preparation classes are designed to help you learn about the physical and emotional aspects of birth, learn pain management skills for labor, and become familiar with potential medical interventions and medical pain management so that you can make informed decisions for your birth. Birth can be unpredictable- you never know what’s ahead!

Available classes:

Prepared Childbirth – a series of four 2 hour sessions for first time parents covering all the essentials to help you prepare for birth

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care Basics – a 2.5 hour combo class to give you the best start to caring for your newborn

Preparing to VBAC – a 2 hour class designed to prepare families who are planning to have a vaginal birth after cesarean

Labor Skills Refresher – a 2 hour class designed to refresh your labor skills for a 2nd or 3rd baby

I also teach a 4 week series every other month through Any Baby Can called Be Ready for Baby for those on a budget. This class covers all the basics of birth, postpartum and early newborn feeding and care.


Does a doula really make a difference?
Families report having a postpartum doula improved breastfeeding outcomes, increased their confidence as parents, helped them get better sleep, and improved their emotions, including reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.