Postpartum Doula Services

Virtual Postpartum Consults $30/hr

Virtual 1 hour sessions are offered on Zoom or the phone, where we can cover topics/questions such as postpartum planning, newborn care and safety, newborn sleep expectations (and tips!), newborn soothing techniques, breastfeeding, pumping, milk storage and bottles, relationship changes, returning to work, birth processing, developmental expectations and milestones and so much more!

Postpartum Packages:

New Parents Education Package $575 (15 hours) is designed for those who have good support at home from partner and family, but want periodic in person sessions to work on all the above topics as well as support with breastfeeding/positioning/latch issues, newborn soothing demonstrations, baby-wearing, newborn baths, handling the challenges of a new baby, relationship changes etc.

Comprehensive Postpartum Care Package $1750 (50 hours) is designed for those who need more regular care after partner/family have left or returned to work. This usually includes several visits a week (2-6 hours at a time) to help with everything listed above as well as day to day help with light household tasks (dishes, laundry), care for your baby/older children so you can care for yourself (shower, eat, sleep), help with errands, groceries, and simple meal prep. I am also able to work more closely with families who are having trouble adjusting to new life with a baby, dealing with postpartum emotions, and overall life changes.

Breastfeeding Education Visit $75 (1.5-2 hours) is for those needing breastfeeding assistance. I can help with learning proper latch, comfortable breastfeeding positions, feeding expectations, helping you know your baby is getting enough milk, assessing weight gain and other potential problems. I can also help with bottle introduction and how to use your pump effectively as well as milk storage guidelines.

In Person Postpartum Services available on a week to week basis at an hourly rate of $40/hr for those who want maximum flexibility! (those who prefer to not be committed to a contract)

“I don’t think I can ever thank Shelley enough. She was postpartum doula for me after my 2nd child. After coming back from the hospital, my husband and I was completely exhausted from taking care of the newborn, looking after our kindergardener and running the household. Shelley helped us in so many areas – newborn care and breastfeeding guidance, fixing our sleep schedules, help with household chores, quality time with our older kid – to name a few. She’s very friendly, a great listener and gave me sage advises when I asked. I even learned quite a few cooking tricks from her :-)! I’m eternally grateful to her and I’m certain that it would have taken me a much longer time to recover without her support and guidance. I highly recommend any new parents to get her support.”   –Nabila, mom to Nashita and Reina